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It takes a strong battery to run your car's essential and accessory systems, such as the on-board computer, power steering, A/C, lights and more. Because of that, most batteries are rated to last for up to five years. But with age, wear and other various factors, your automotive electrical system might need assistance sooner than you think. Signs that it’s time to replace your car battery are slow starts, dim headlights, and sluggish electrical accessories.

Don’t wait until your battery is dead -- instead, have the pros at Monro check your battery and charging system. Using our modern analyzer, our ASE certified mechanics can check your automotive electrical system, including your car battery and charging system. We provide FREE battery & charging system tests and offer a wide range of brand name batteries for all your car battery replacement needs.

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Choosing the Right Car Battery Replacement


Your vehicle owner’s manual lists battery specifications. Match to the ratings on the battery label:
  • Group size – battery dimensions and placement of terminals.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – ability of the battery to crank the engine at 0 degrees. (Cold temperatures slow electrochemical activity and thicken engine oil.) Make sure your battery meets or exceeds the CCA for your vehicle.
  • Reserve capacity (RC) – the number of minutes your car will run on battery power alone. If you live in a warmer climate, you might want to give more weight to this rating.
  • Freshness – don’t buy a battery older than six months.