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Other Tire Services

FREE Tire Rotation & Inspection


FREE Flat Tire Repair

Tire Balancing

Every time you buy a new set of tires, or if you hear or feel your tires shimmy, have your tires professionally balanced. A technician uses special equipment to spin your wheels and detect imbalances, then attaches weights to the wheel rim or spokes to balance the tire. Get your Tire Balance coupon now. Having your tires properly balanced will: 
  • Improve road handling 
  • Reduce tire noise 
  • Promote even tire wear

    Tire Rotation

    A good set of passenger tires can cost $500 or more. To get the most out of your investment, visit your Monro service center to have your tires rotated and inspected for FREE every 6,000 miles (or every other oil change). Regular tire rotation will: 
  • Maximize tire life 
  • Ensure a smoother ride

    Flat Tire Repair

    A flat tire. It's bound to happen. When it does, visit your Monro service center for a FREE flat repair. Repairable punctures are: 
  • 1/8 inch or less I
  • n the center tread 
  • Not on the shoulder or belt edge 

Choose a repair system that seals both the tread and the inner liner or water will seep into the steel belting. Patching reduces the speed rating of your tire. Drive accordingly.